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Privacy Policy

July 2, 2014

The Crick Ticker web app does not collect, store, or release any information about you, your account, or your interactions with this app for any purpose whatsoever. Crick Ticker does not use cookies.

Crick Ticker runs entirely in your browser; no information about you, your account, or your pastes is stored on our server(s). Crick Ticker may or may not store your authentication information locally in your browser using local storage. If this data has been stored, a Logout button will be provided to allow you to erase it.

Crick Ticker is built on may track your access of this application, the device(s) you used to access it, and other information about you in accordance with their privacy policy.

Dreamhost may log your access to this server and store that information according to their policies. We do not use these server logs for any purpose.

Changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page and will take effect seven (7) days after publication.